House Fire Relief Fund

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   Jerry 'CHAINSAW' Bryant, and his mother, Flo, experienced one of our worse fears on March 4th, 2023, when a fire started in their home on Trumbo Hill near the Carter/Rowan County line.


   Chainsaw arrived home around 11:00am and discovered the entire home was filled with smoke. His mother, Flo was inside the home and disoriented at the time of his return. They both escaped the fire safely.


   Olive Hill Fire Department arrived within minutes and began a successful fire attack. Mutual aid was also provided by the Hayes Crossing-Haldeman Fire Department where Chainsaw, has been a dedicated member of the department for the last 22 years. Chainsaw and Flo were both transported to St. Claire Health Care for smoke inhalation and were released later that day.

    Their home is a total loss, and they are currently living in a house owned by Jerry Bowen, 980 Tunnel Cut Loop in Morehead, KY 40351.

   This GoFundMe was created by the Haldeman Fire Department and Rudy Fest organizations(s) to raise funds not only to assist Chainsaw and Flo back on their feet, but also for the future replacement of their home on Trumbo Hill.




   1.   You may donate on GoFundMe (click on any photo on this page).


   2.  At The Citizens Bank, 114 West Main Street, in Morehead - To the "Jerry and Flo Fund".


   3.  Tom Carper 606-316-5011 (Rudy Fest).


   4.  Leroy Walker 606-922-4987 (Rudy Fest).


   5.  Rudy Burchett 606-316-6677 (Rudy Fest).


   6.  Vic Adams 606-316-9566 (Rudy Fest).


   7.  Jerry Bowen 606-207-4222 (Haldeman Fire Department).


   8.  Or via Venmo (account info coming soon).


   9.  Non-monetary items may be dropped off at their temporary home at 980 Tunnel

        Cut Loop in Morehead.


   If you have any questions, please contact any of the above listed individuals.


   We greatly appreciate any help you're able to provide to Chainsaw and Flo.



   Haldeman Fire Department, Rudy Fest, and friends of Chainsaw and Flo.

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